We have extensive experience in the structural design of new buildings of all types. We also specialise in structural surveys of existing buildings and the design of alterations and extensions to existing structures.

Our project experience ranges from home alterations and residential barn conversions to historic building conservation and industrial developments. Our structural designs encompass a wide range of construction materials in order to produce economical and safe design solutions to meet the needs of the brief. We achieve this with the help of state of the art design and analysis software where necessary, and with careful attention to detail.

We are also an Approved Certifier under the Structural Engineers Registration Scheme for Scotland enabling us to ensure all aspects of the design meet Scottish Buildings Regulations.


We have extensive experience in the structural design of most types of new buildings using all common building materials.  We also specialise in the structural design of extensions and alterations to most types of existing buildings such as houses, farm buildings, and commercial and industrial properties.

We specialise in the structural design of all types of timber framed building, ranging from traditional hardwood frames utilising posts, beams and trusses, to the more modern systems using softwood/plywood panels commonly used in private and public housing projects.


Our engineers can provide a comprehensive foundation design service for all types of structures which includes pad, strip, raft and piled foundations.

Our services include assessment of ground conditions, provision of detailed foundation drawings, ground improvement and underpinning.


We have extensive experience of building refurbishment in Cumbria, from barn conversions through to listed buildings. Working closely with clients, we ensure existing building refurbishments are carried out sensitively, with the brief in mind.

Our services include feasibility studies on the reuse of existing buildings, structural engineering appraisals, condition surveys and the design of alterations, extensions and repairs to extend the useful life of buildings.

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